The Centre for Medicine Innovation

The Centre for Medicine Innovation’s proposed main areas of research and work focus, are to be for the purpose of medical product development, therapeutic processes and services, that are intended to lead to the improvement in existing products, processes and services in medicine, combined with research and evidence based medical innovations. It proposes to utilise pro-quantum and quantum directed remote and cloud based computation methods to include the creation of component parts to complex systems and to enable medical prototypes in a research computation laboratory environment with simulated interfaces to existing systems. In addition to these main areas of research foci, there is to be the emphasis upon collaboration and innovation. Our Centre is to collaborate with relevant Universities, UK research institutes and UK medical industry companies, to accomplish the key objectives of the project.

Our Centre also wishes to act as an effective research collaboration and dissemination centre, for future research from around the world, in relevant subject medical fields and medical innovations.

The approach that we shall take and where the focus of the innovation shall be guided by the most dynamic challenges that are prevalent, regarding Medicine Innovations, as are the most required needs for contemporary United Kingdom requirements.

The manner in which we can improve on the nearest current state-of-the-art medical devices and technologies. The focus of the innovations will be in the project development phase with the application of existing technologies in new areas, combined with the development of new technologies for existing areas and constructively critical approaches to existing medical technologies. 

This is an entirely innovative research and development project, that is relevant to, but distinct from the current work and service offerings. The nature of the reports and research outputs expected of the project Centre, shall be within the IP terms required of us. These shall help us to target the needs and challenges contemporaneously and dynamically. 

The Centre for Medical Innovation is to be a centre of medicine research excellence and in the wider relevant innovation fields of work regionally, by virtue of successfully proven approaches as pioneered by these collaborative partnership research and innovation groups:

With Imperial College, London:   


With the University of Oxford: medicine/ 


With the Structural Genomics Consortium – SGC: SGC Oxford, SGC, Toronto, SGC Unicamp, SGC Karolinksa, SGC UNC, and SGC Frankfurt:


With the DHSC and NHS research and development groups:  

With the University of Cambridge and allied collaborating research centres: 

With medicine innovation leaders such as: 

In combination with using the state-of-the-art research and innovations excellence from: 

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